JVEY Design Studio started on my last year of University due to the need that my family business had in order to upgrade it's marketing.  At that particular time, we couldn’t afford working with marketing agencies or graphic designers. So, me knowing that I had a bit of knowledge (thanks to Architecture), I decided to teach myself the basics in order to print simple things such as business cards and flyers. These little skills developed during lockdown whilst I was working full time and, eventually I ended up getting a studio space in order to have a creative space to work in comfortably. 

My aim with both JVEY and Delicazia is to be able to provide design and decor styling services that will record outstanding  and unforgettable memories for the audiences that will choose to work with us!



1) Brief Conversation:

You tell us what service you will require for your project, whether is design or decor related

2) Consultation:

Where we all gather the vision and ideas that we have in our minds. We then as a team start to brainstorm different ways in which these could be portrayed

3) Deposit Payments:

Whether the service is big or small, deposits must be made in order to start your project! Please note that these are non-refundable 

4) Project starts: 

 Where the designers start working towards your projects. We sketch, create and bring your ideas into reality! In order to keep everyone up to date we will try our best to be sending updates to share project development bts

5) Final payment:

This payment will have to be made before we complete the service.

If you choose a design service, after making this payment you will receive an email with all your files.

If you choose a event decor service you will be asked to make this payment before the installation process ends

6) Project Ends:

This is where you get to enjoy the experience and share great memories of the final outcome 


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